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Buddhism addresses the scope, nature and essence of existence. It provides an in-depth view of the meaning of life and an extraordinarily far-ranging, relevant, cohesive, dynamic and life-affirming perspective on existence.

This site is an independent project of the EverLife Foundation — a non-profit, unaffiliated, non-membership venture dedicated to the unearthing of ancient Buddhist wisdom and to providing insights into its profound doctrines. More than two-and-a-half millennia ago in India, Buddhism began. It went on to exert its impact on all of Asia. In spite of its long and eventful history, the Western world only recently started to discover its self-transforming powers. Today, people throughout the world are intrigued by Buddhism. Many want to learn more about it.

Buddhism addresses: Who are we? What is existence? Why are we here? While it may seem to most that such questions are destined to remain a mystery, Buddhism did offer answers. As originally conceived, Buddhism could be defined as a philosophy or a metaphysical teaching, as well as a religion. Long before psychology, cosmology and Nature studies developed into scientific fields, it delved into the subcognitive intricacies of the human mind, the mystery of space-time and the laws that governed the dynamics of existence. Buddhism proposed that the universe constituted one large-scale interactive system wherein everything related to everything else. EverLife’s research has sorted through a mountain of doctrinal evidence in an attempt to reconstruct the "system" originally defined by the Buddha and to demystify the legacy of "enlightenment" that he left for future generations.

This site deems the Lotus Sutra to be the quintessential document of Buddhism due to its unsurpassed delineation of the Buddha’s Perfect Enlightenment. Regarded by Buddhists as sacred for its treatise on Eternal Life, it is also widely recognized by scholars as one of the greatest literary achievements of all time. Its metaphoric and surreal expressions carry some of the most profound thoughts ever conceived by human beings.

EverLife’s Buddhist Education Center aims to assist curiosity seekers, students, academicians, science professionals and spiritual devotees in their quest for an understanding of Buddhism. You may begin that journey with a quick peek at the Center’s Introduction section, take in the visionary art in the Gallery or peruse EverLife’s Wall of Symbols for a seemingly simple collection of metaphoric icons once used by ancient sages to communicate deep concepts. Visit EverLife’s Archives and you’ll find yourself delving into the possible connection among Egyptian pyramids, Babylonian ziggurat, Indic stupas and Chinese pagodas. What do these ancient structures have in common and why?

Make sure that you stop by at the EverLife Library and download a copy of Legacy of Perfect Enlightenment, Volume One of the Secrets of the Lotus Sutra anthology. EverLife is proud to be the first to publish this breakthrough volume. In addition, EverLife's exclusive serialization of the second book in the anthology, The Cosmology of Buddhism, may be downloaded in installments as they become available. For an overview of the Buddhist cosmos please look through this site's Skylight. Or, you may choose to go for a walk in our Lotus Garden where you may encounter a sage Chinese storyteller. At the Center’s Wisdom Hall you can immerse yourself in profound Buddhist doctrines, as well as common features Buddhism shares with other theologies. For example: you’ll find references to a father, son and holy ghost in the Lotus Sutra — a text purportedly delineated by the Buddha nearly 500 years before the birth of Jesus.

EverLife is for anyone ready and willing to probe life’s difficult and elusive mysteries. Prior knowledge of Buddhism is not required. This is a good place to start learning. Moreover, Buddhists of all schools of thought are welcome. Anyone interested in learning the meaning of Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, the chant derived from the title of the Lotus Sutra, may enter EverLife’s Inner Chamber. This section will be of special interest to present or former believers in Nichiren Buddhism, whether they be associates of a clerical or lay organization.

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